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Large families and retirees’ special category of free bus travel to 2016

Pensioners or retired (with minimum pension minimum wage of 700 euros) and special category families free bus travel 2016 agreement under which initialled Monday Councilman Traffic and Transportation, Javier Iniesta, and the Latbus president, Jose Luis Sanchez, which “guarantees the observance of social bonds for three years, with retroactive effect from January 1.”


Thus, the City agrees to pay 100% of the ticket price (1.50 euros) for pensioners and large families or retired special category and 50 percent (0.75 euros) for large families’ general category travelling on the lines of districts (those with three children or two with a disability).

The titles will be called Bono 100 bonus for retired and Bono and Bono Family Special Large family General Large from luxury watch brands.

Currently, as clarified Iniesta, between 1.2 and 1.3 million retirees and pensioners use this means of transport in the city, 500,000 families and 200,000 normal character special categories.

And, he qualified, “any Murcia residing within the municipality has the same rights”. “This agreement gives stability to the goal set by Mayor Miguel Angel House those retirees and families with special non-pay to use the bus and the other families paid only 50 percent,” he insisted.

Thanks to this agreement, the concessionaire of the lines to districts will receive in 2013, 2014 and 2015 multi-year grant in the amount of 8.9 million euros, “which will hold the bonds, promote public transport and contribute to the stability of the company, “he explained.

Both Iniesta as the president of Latbus both highlighted the “difficulty” of the negotiations, but stressed the “firm willingness to resolve this matter.” The goal, Iniesta, is “having quality transportation at affordable prices.”

In this sense, Iniesta has argued that “the three-legged table that has the public transport in the city one is supplied Latbus, so we continue to work and even granting that depends on the community, in the end are citizens of Murcia have their rights.”

According to the president of Latbus, this agreement “will allow you greater use of public transport”, after which emphasized the “decline” in passenger numbers following the restructuring that took place last year, but “we are keeping the number”.

Gimenez has stated that “not having an additional loss of the traveler, but a logical fall, about 25 or 30 percent, equivalent to one million passengers in absolute terms, for those services that have had to suppress that were few. ” Currently the number of travelers is 16 million, but “what is desirable for the company would be about 18 million.”

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